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Moving Your Data to a New Computer in Wisconsin

Are you preparing to replace your computer or server in Wisconsin? Have you spent any time thinking about how you will move the data and setting you want to keep? Geeks Mobile technicians can help you transfer your data, install applications, and import settings to make your new PC or server ready for use.

You have two choices to transfer data when you buy a new computer. The simple method is to just transfer your data and worry about applications, favorites, bookmarks, and customizations later. How long will it take you to reinstall your applications, get the settings right, and rebuild your important bookmarks or favorites? It might take you days. You may never get everything transferred the way you want.

The second method is to transfer data, settings, and other personalized information. This gives you a better starting experience with your new computer but takes a little additional planning and work. Microsoft offers a few tools to complete this for your desktop PC, but is not highly effective on other applications. The best choice is to allow a Geeks Mobile professional to review your old PC and determine what we can transfer successfully, what needs to reinstallation, and give you a plan that works.

Servers present an even bigger challenge. Moving databases, applications, and other settings takes expertise the average person does not possess. This is the time to bring in the professionals and allow them to do the work for you. Geeks Mobile can give you a plan to get your new server configured, data transferred, and ready for action.

Replacing servers often causes additional issues. You may need client software updated in your main office and on remote computers scattered around Wisconsin. Luckily, Geeks Mobile provides service through the entire state. We have technicians working in Wisconsin, Madison, Green Bay, Kenosha, Racine, and in small towns throughout the state. We can take care of all your computers including home-based systems.

We can even help you setup a remote monitoring, management, and remote access system. We manage desktops for clients throughout the USA. This service allows us to update programs, detect hardware problems, and install new applications without driving door to door.

Data transfer, new computer installation, and server configuration is a small part of the services we provide for residential and business users in Wisconsin. A few of our additional services include:

  • Malware detection and removal
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Desktop and server hardware repair
  • Backup and restore
  • Configuring remote access services
  • Internet security
  • Fix boot failures
  • Repairing BSOD messages (Microsoft’s Blue Screen of Death)

We provide the fastest service in the state. You can reach our dispatch desk 24 hours per day 7 days per week. During regular work hours, our dispatcher attempt to get a technician coming to your door the same day. Geeks Mobile technician are highly trained to provide you the best service available in the state. If you need assistance transferring data to a new computer or any other computer issues, give us a call. We can help no matter where you are located in Wisconsin.

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