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What Hardware Upgrades Does Your Computer Need in Virginia?

Does your computer seem slow? Are you running out of storage space for your pictures, music, and movies? Do games you play seem to crawl instead of race ahead? These issues do not mean it is time to replace your computer in Virginia. You can remedy most of these problems by letting a Geeks Mobile technician upgrade your hardware. Let us take a look at a few upgrades that can improve your performance.

A slow computer can indicate your computer is low on memory. Memory upgrades are inexpensive and can improve performance dramatically. Before you jump to the conclusion memory is your problem, you need to know this is just one factor that can cause a slow PC. A Geeks Mobile technician can verify this is the problem and get the right memory to work in your computer. Other items that can cause your PC to slow down include malware infections, bad hardware drivers, and applications resident in memory. The technician will eliminate these possible causes of your problem before recommending the memory upgrade.

Running out of hard drive space is common. We download large movies. Our cameras take massive high quality pictures. Our music is stored on our computers. The games we play use gigabytes of disc storage. Luckily adding additional hard drive storage is another inexpensive upgrade. This can be accomplished two different ways. You can have a technician install a new internal hard drive and transfer your data and applications. The second option is to use an external hard drive. Both options are good choices, but there is a performance advantage to adding a new internal hard drive. You can buy a hard drive that runs faster, has more cache, and improves overall PC performance. A Geeks Mobile professional can help you choose the right path.

Slow games and graphic applications can often be traced to a slow graphics card. A high-speed graphics card with additional memory can dramatically improve game performance. The slow motion graphics you are battling now can move like lightning. Do not jump to the conclusion this is your issue without talking to a technician. Your games could be battling slow internet connections, lack of computer memory, or lack of hard drive space. A Geeks Mobile tech can check your PC and tell you what will provide the biggest advantage.

Geeks Mobile provides computer service and upgrades everywhere in Virginia. We can come to your home or office in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Richmond, Newport News, or Roanoke. We provide service in every small town in Virginia, too. Examples of our other services include:

  • Malware and virus removal
  • Hardware repair
  • Data backup and restore
  • Data transfers to new computers. (If you decide a new computer is the best choice our techs can move your data and install your applications.)
  • Wireless network setup and configuration
  • Routine maintenance and cleaning
  • Internet security

If your PC is slow or needs any other service just pick up the phone and give us a call. We can evaluate your problem and provide service fast anywhere in Virginia.

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