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The Easy Method to Maintain Your Home or Office Network in Vermont

Do you have the expertise to maintain your own network? Even if you do, are you prepared to invest your own time and resources? Many small business owners in Vermont struggled to setup their own network and now face an ongoing challenge. How can they focus on their important work when they keep being called away to work on the network? Other small business owners have networks setup by a small firm they have now outgrown. They need better solutions, but do not know where to find them in Vermont. Geeks Mobile has the answers.

Geeks Mobile installs and support networks for business and residences in Burlington, Rutland, Barre, Montpelier, and Winooski. We provide service and installation services in small towns in every part of the state. Why is this important? Business networks are growing outside the boundaries of their own walls. Remote access for employees is essential. Connecting retail outlets, remote offices, and traveling salespeople into your network provides major productivity gains. Geeks Mobile technicians can setup and maintain networks isolated to your local office or that encompasses remote locations throughout the state.

Getting the network up and running is not the final answer. You may need help monitoring, updating, and managing all of your networked computers. Geeks Mobile has the ability to keep track of all your computers including laptops your salespeople carry. The technicians can watch your computer for alerts indicating hardware or software problems. We can apply updates to applications and operating systems. We can even roll out new applications for your business without you going to any of your other locations. If we detect a problem, we notify you and can schedule a technician to fix the problem.

Home networks are not as complex, but most home users may not be confident to install a network on their own. Our technicians can setup a secure wireless network for your family to use with desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices. We can even setup shared network storage, shared media services, and internet security. If you need access to your office system from home we can assist in setting up the remote access for you.

Geeks Mobile services are not limited to networks. We provide onsite service for individual computers. A list of our most common services includes:

  • Malware and virus removal
  • PC repair
  • Memory, hard drive, and graphic card upgrades
  • PC optimization
  • Data backup, restore, and recovery
  • Repair boot failures
  • Registry repair
  • Application installation
  • Internet security

An item you should pay close attention to on your home or business network is internet security. Geeks Mobile professionals can recommend the proper firewall or internet security device to secure your computers.

If you need fast service for your computer or network in Vermont, there is no one better to call. Geeks Mobile can provide same day service onsite or remotely. What problems are you facing with your home or business computer? We can help you today.

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