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Utah Residents Face Internet Security Risks Daily

How often do you believe your home or office computer in Utah faces risks from the internet? If you said monthly, weekly, or daily you are not even close. Security experts who watch firewall logs and security bulletins know the risk is almost constant. Hackers and malware programs are constantly scanning for vulnerable computers to infect or hijack. Is your home computer in Utah secure? Are your office computers secure?

Geeks Mobile can help you determine your level of security and recommend the proper methods to protect your data. Trusting a simple over the counter router is probably not enough protection. Those simple devices can only stop the most rudimentary attacks. You desktop security software provides a good line of defense as long as it is a high quality product and kept current. Do you know the strength of your internet security software and firewall?

Why are we putting emphasis on this point? Computers with low levels of protection are vulnerable to attacks that can cause data loss, identity theft, hardware failures, and other costly problems. The cost of having adequate protection pales beside the pain and expense of losing data or discovering your identity has been borrowed.

What do the experts at Geeks Mobile recommend? The first step is to have a professional evaluate your current internet security. They will review your internet security software, operating system updates, and firewall. At that point, the Geeks Mobile professional can provide you with advice on your current risk and methods to improve your internet security.

Geeks Mobile can provide internet security consultations for residential and business clients in Salt Lake City, West Valley City, Provo, West Jordan, Orem, and all other communities in Utah. We even help clients on farms and businesses with office in obscure locations around the state. We pride ourselves on offering border-to-border computer service in Utah.

You may choose to combine a security review when you need other services, too. Geeks Mobile offers complete computer services for both residential and business users. A list of a few of our services includes:

  • Malware removal
  • Backup and restore data
  • Server installation
  • Adding workstations to business networks
  • Setting up secure wireless networks in homes and offices
  • Hardware repair
  • Fixing boot failures
  • Consulting services
  • Remote management of computers

An item in the list that ties closely to internet security is malware removal. One of the most common calls for our technicians is to remove malware or virus infections from computers. These computers frequently have current internet security packages but had other vulnerabilities that allowed them to become infected. This is a problem small businesses and home users face on a constant basis. Having the right internet security in place saves money.

If you have questions about internet security, or any of our other services call our office today. Our technicians are experts in dealing with all types of computer and network issues faced by residents and businesses in Utah. We look forward to working with you.

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