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Is the Data in Your Texas Business or Residence Safe?

The Geeks Mobile team in Texas wants to ask you a simple question. Is your data safe? Just a few years ago residents and businesses in Houston experienced the effects of a devastating hurricane. Individuals and businesses by the thousands lost all of their data. Would your data be safe?

These problems are not isolated to areas like Houston, Galveston, and Corpus Christi that are vulnerable to hurricanes. Tornados, thunder storms, ice storms, and lightning are other natural events that can destroy your computer data in seconds. Common causes of data loss include hardware failures, inadvertent deletion, malicious erasure, and malware. Do you have a data protection strategy in place?

The solution to all of these situations is easy. You need to make regular backups of your data and store it away from your computer. The backups can be on tape, external hard drives, flash drives, or on remote servers. The challenge is choosing the right solution for your home or business. A Geeks Mobile technician can help evaluate the amount of storage you need, the best form of backup, and recommend a schedule. They can even install the proper software and configure the system for you.

Why do we place so much emphasis on backup? Losing data is the biggest tragedy for a computer user. You can replace your computer hardware easily. You cannot replace your data with the same ease. If you have a good backup system in place a technician can help rebuild your system, restore your data, and have you running again in hours. Without your data, you could be facing months or years to recover a portion of your data and will probably never recover some of it.

Geeks Mobile professionals work with businesses and residents in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth, Austin, and El Paso. Additionally, we provide service in every small town and rural area in the state. If you live or work within the state lines we can help you choose and setup the right backup solution.

Backup and data restore is just a small part of what Geeks Mobile does for computer users in Texas. We provide full service and support. A few of our other services include:

  • Network setup and support
  • Adding workstations to existing networks
  • Wireless networks for homes and offices
  • PC hardware repairs and upgrades
  • Internet security
  • Data recovery
  • Malware and virus removal
  • Installation of business applications, games, and office suites

Even this list is just a fraction of the services we offer throughout Texas.

Mobile Geeks provides the fastest service in Texas, too. We respond to most calls the same day. Our technicians are ready to help you with onsite or remote service. Our remote service plan provides you with an option to have service quickly without a technician coming to your office. This can save you money. Our technician can work on your PC fixing operating system, application, and other issues without walking into your office or home.

Call Geeks Mobile today to learn more about backup options and all of our other services in Texas.

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