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Are you having problems with your Wildblue connection? Is one or more of your pc’s having internet connectivity or giving ‘page not found’ errors when you surf the web? Calling Wildblue directly can sometimes be frustrating and often time consuming; Geeks Mobile USA can give you immediate assistance right now without the hassle. Geeks Mobile USA technicians have experience dealing with [Insert ISP Here] problems such as, your internet going out slow internet, and privacy restrictions etc. Give us a call today and you will be glad you did, with our same day service we can’t be beat so, what are you waiting for call us now!

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WildBlue has reinvented satellite Internet with a brand new, much faster service. Introducing: exede internet with up to 12 Mbps of service! xede Broadband links your computer to the Internet with a high-speed connection through one of our high capacity satellites. Your Exede service connects your home or small office to the Internet at speeds much faster than a dial-up connection, and at speeds faster than many DSL or wireless services offer. Transfers may be more than 200 times faster than dial-up and can be as much as 8 times faster than a typical 1.5Mbps DSL service. A small 30 inch satellite dish, about the same size as a satellite TV dish, and a satellite modem are all you need. ViaSat provides the equipment and our nationwide team of certified professionals will install the service at your home for free.

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