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Are you having problems with your Sonicnet connection? Is one or more of your pc’s having internet connectivity or giving ‘page not found’ errors when you surf the web? Calling Sonicnet directly can sometimes be frustrating and often time consuming; Geeks Mobile USA can give you immediate assistance right now without the hassle. Geeks Mobile USA technicians have experience dealing with [Insert ISP Here] problems such as, your internet going out slow internet, and privacy restrictions etc. Give us a call today and you will be glad you did, with our same day service we can’t be beat so, what are you waiting for call us now!

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Book An Appointment's Basic Internet Service includes the internet related services you need to get online using the most common technology in use today as well as cutting edge communications methods. We support modems with dialup Point to Point Protocol (PPP), Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) with single channel PPP, Digital Subscriber Line via the AT&T ATM network and Wireless Digital Subscriber Link over the Broadlink wireless network.You can add many services to your basic service, including DNS for your own domain name, Basic Hosting or Value Hosting for a website under your domain, additional mailboxes, IP routing to your ISDN or DSL connection and we offer package discounts such as our business account and business advantage account, which include the most popular services.\n*Pricing reverts to $18.95/month after the three-month promotional period.

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