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Adware – Stop the Extra Ads and Redirected Searches Now

Is Adware destroying your computer experience? You search for a new pair of shoes and suddenly have pop-up ads showing you shoe advertisements. You try to go to your favorite online store your browser redirects to a competitor's website. What is happening behind the scenes is even scarier.

Adware programs are designed to monitor and track your computer usage . They watch for the products you are searching for and then try to get you to shop elsewhere. Behind the scenes, these programs can be collecting data about your name, phone number, address, credit card numbers, and other personal data you enter into websites. Can you afford to have these adware programs on your computer collecting your data?

Do you know if you have adware on your computer? If you see extra toolbars or applications running in the try by your time, there is a good chance you have adware. If you experience extra pop-ups telling you about alternate website, pricing comparisons, and special sales, you probably have adware.

Adware can be on your computer two different ways. Some adware is built into free programs you install. They use advertisements in the program to pay for the software. Other adware programs run as services hidden from your view. They collect information, present ads, and redirect your browser without warning.

Geeks Mobile recommends regular scans to remove adware to protect you from identity theft and unnecessary resource drains on your computer. We offer the following packages to remove adware from your computer.

Understanding the Difference between Viruses, Worms, and Trojans

Bronze Plan

$19.95/ mo

+ $59.95 setup fee

Unlimited Support for 1 Computer + 1 mobile device
(tablet or smartphone)
(includes Antivirus and Antispyware Licenses for all pc’s)


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Silver Plan

$29.95/ mo

+ $119.00 setup fee

Unlimited Support for 3 computers + 3 mobile devices
(tablets or smartphones)
(includes Antivirus and Antispyware Licenses for all pc’s)


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Gold Plan

$39.95/ mo

+ $169.95 setup fee

Unlimited Support for 5 computers + 5 mobile devices
(tablets or smartphones)
(includes Antivirus and Antispyware Licenses for all pc’s)


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Need support for your Small Business?

$99/ mo

Unlimited Support Plans


$60/ mo

One Time Support

Here are a few of the most reported adware programs that Geeks Mobile technicians can remove for you.

Top Adware Programs Reported by Symantec:

  1. OSX.FakeCodec
  2. Adware.GoonSquad
  3. Adware.Crossid
  4. Mobishooter
  5. Adware.Eorezo
  6. Adware.Mediafinder
  7. Adware.ArcadeWeb
  8. Adware.Gabpath
  9. Adware.OpenShopper
  10. Adware.MaxSplit
  11. Adware.ProfilinStylin
  12. Adware.InstallPedia
  13. Adware.Rotator
  14. Adware.Magoo
  15. Adware.Clickpotato
  16. Adware.MxliveMedia
  17. Adware.Adsubscribe
  18. Adware.EZLife
  19. Adware.Owlforce
  20. Adware.Zwunzi
  21. Adware.TrueAds
  22. Adware.DoubleD
  23. WS.Adware.3
  24. WS.Adware.2
  25. WS.Adware.1
  26. Adware.MyCentria
  27. Adware.OneStep
  28. Adware.Webwise
  29. Adware.Peppi
  30. Adware.Okcashbackmall
  31. Adware.Rabio
  32. Adware.Superiorads
  33. Adware.FindNavi

Top 11 Adware Programs Reported by Panda Security

  1. RedCrossAntivirus
  2. PeakProtection2010
  3. SecurityTool2010
  4. 4. NetWorkControl
  5. DefenseCenter
  6. AVSecuritySuite
  7. SysinternalsAntivirus
  8. SpywareCleaner2010
  9. SecurityMasterAV
  10. RSTAntivirus2010
  11. A-FastAntivirus

Common Adware Programs by LavaSoft

  1. AntiVirus AntiSpyware 2011
  2. Intelinet Smart Security
  3. MalwareBot
  4. AVSecurity2012
  5. AVDefender2011
  6. CloudAV2012
  7. NeoBoan
  8. nPrivacy
  9. VistaAntiSpyware2012
  10. VistaAntiVirus2012

Twenty New Adware Threats Reported by Avira AntiVirus

  1. WhiteSmoke.BA
  2. InstallCore.E
  3. EoRezo.BA
  5. SysSecure.AB
  6. Dealeem.B
  7. Lollipop.B
  8. Sprotector.A
  9. InstallBrain.N.3
  10. InstallBrain.K.4
  11. InstallBrain.K.2
  12. BrowserComp.A
  13. DomalQ.A.1
  14. AddLyrics.A.8
  15. 4Shared.B
  16. JS.Pornpop.A
  17. BetterInstaller.QB
  18. InstalleRex.I
  19. InstallBrain.CX
  20. ExpressFiles.A

Recent Adware Programs – Microsoft Security Portal

  1. CouponCompanion
  2. WinWebSec
  3. Babylon Translation Tool
  4. AdClickF
  5. TopGuide
  6. InstallerTech
  7. Beyond Keylogger
  8. AdSubscribe
  9. PriceGong
  10. WhenU
  11. GameVance
  12. OneTab
  13. DealsPlugin
  14. FastSaveApp
  15. VidSaver
  16. DealPly
  17. WinTrim
  18. ConnectCMD
  19. AppCrack
  20. Enumerate

If your computer is infected with any of these adware programs, your Geeks Mobile Technician can remove it. They have the tools and expertise to deal with any adware problem. Call us today and schedule your appointment.

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