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Have you ever wondered if your data had just disappeared into Area 51 aboard a flying saucer? You know the files were there yesterday and now today they have vanished. What are you going to do? The first step for people in New Mexico is to call Geeks Mobile. The second step is to listen closely to their advice.

The Geeks Mobile dispatcher and technician are going to give you a quick warning. If you do not have a backup of the file avoid using your PC until the technician can check it. Files which magically disappear are usually still on the hard drive, even if they were deleted. The only problem is when you keep using your computer they may be overwritten and lost forever. The dispatcher can quickly assign a technician to come onsite or remote connect to your computer to evaluate the problem.

Do not worry about where you live in New Mexico. Geeks Mobile technicians service computers in homes and businesses in Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, and Roswell. No, we do not have access to Area 51. When the technician arrives at your location they will have you explain what files are missing, when you last saw them, and about their content. With that information, they can use recovery tools that attempt to recover the deleted files.

Expect a tiny lecture from your Geeks Mobile technician. He will remind you of the importance of making backups and even go one-step further. They can help you setup a method to start backing up your important files to external media or using a remote backup solution. They know from experience that the worst feeling business and home computer users experience is when they realize their work and memories have evaporated. Listen closely to their advice. The Geeks Mobile technicians are experts and can evaluate your needs and help you select the proper backup method.

Sometimes the technicians discover your data loss was not the result of accidental deletion. Other causes for sudden data loss include failing hard drives and malware. If your hard drive is beginning to fail the technician can replace the drive and transfer your data. If malware is the cause of your problems, the technician can clean the malware from your computer. After removal of the malware, the technician will check your antivirus and malware protection software to verify it is high quality and current. Once again, listen closely to the advice of you Mobile Geeks professional. They battle malware almost every day. They can advise you on the most effective programs to prevent infection and instruct you on how to verify it stays current.

Geeks Mobile service is not limited to malware removal and data restoration. We offer complete computer and network services for both and business. If you need assistance with any computer related problems in New Mexico, we can help. Geeks Mobile provides service to every corner of the state with the fastest response times available. Area 51 is excluded, of course.

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