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Extraordinary Computer Service in Montana

What defines extraordinary computer service for the citizens of Montana? Taking a quick look at the map will provide you one important item. How many computer service companies can take care of business offices throughout the state? Geeks Mobile is one company who provides service to entire state of Montana not just to the major cities.

Geeks Mobile does offer service in Billings, Missoula, Great Falls, Bozeman, Butte, and Helena but we do not stop there like most places. We offer service in small towns and remote locations around the state. Where is your home or office located in the state? We can provide service for you.

Extraordinary service cannot be defined by providing the widest service area alone. That is only a small portion of what you need. We define top quality service in a very simple way. We provide our clients with fast high-quality service no matter where they are located.

How fast can we provide service? Of course, the answer to this question varies slightly depending on our backlog of calls, but in most cases, we respond the same day you call. We offer an option for remote service that is available very quickly, sometime immediately. Imagine calling our office for a problem, you are having with a malware program and instead of waiting days for service, it is fixed in a couple hours. We provide that speed to our clients.

High-quality service is a little harder to define, but our goal is very simple. We want to fix your computer right the first time and walk away knowing you are happy. Our technicians take extra time talking to you before they start the repair to make sure they understand your problem. After they finish their diagnosis and repair, they take extra time to verify everything is working they way you want. After all, the real measure of quality is not what we think. It is what you think of our service.

Another important measure is if we can provide all of the services you need. You do not want to call a technician to your office and then find out they cannot do the work. Geeks Mobile technicians can do anything you need. We provide all of the following services to home users and businesses:

  • Server setup and installation
  • Network Configuration – Wireless networks are the most popular in small offices and homes.
  • Malware and virus removal
  • Internet security
  • PC installation and configuration
  • Data transfers
  • Backup, restore, and recovery of data
  • Hardware repairs
  • Computer upgrades
  • Software installation, updates, configuration, and troubleshooting
  • Configuration of remote access

This list is just an example of our services. Whatever you need for your small business or home Geeks Mobile can provide it.

An item that small businesses in Montana enjoy is our ability to provide service at all of their offices and retail locations. You can call one number and have your computers in any part of Montana repaired by Geeks Mobile.

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