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The S in Mississippi Stands for Service and Geeks Mobile Delivers

Mississippi is a proud state filled with history and an eye on the future. All of those S’s in you Mississippi stand for service, service, service, service, and one company in poised to provide the computer service the state needs, Geeks Mobile. Who can provide you with service in every area of the state? Geeks Mobile has technicians on the move in Jackson, Gulfport, Hattiesburg, Southaven, and Biloxi. This is just a start to all of the places our technicians go. We offer service in small towns and outposts in every section of state.

What kind of computer problems and needs do you have? Some of the most common calls we receive are to request help with the following issues:

  • Malware problems
  • Hardware errors
  • Boot failure
  • Wireless network setup
  • Lost data
  • Server installation
  • Slow computer
  • Transfer data to new computer
  • Add computers to network

These are just a few of the types of calls we receive from Mississippi residents and business owners.

Something all of our customers appreciate is our speed. We provide rapid response on all calls. It is very common for us to have a technician onsite on the same day you call. We can provide even faster response from our remote service team. They can connect to you computer, diagnose the problem, and fix many software and operating system related issues in minutes.

The number one PC complaint from new customers in Mississippi is malware problems. Malware and virus programs can cause data loss, boot failures, slow performance, and connection problems. Our technicians deal with malware issues on a constant basis. They know the best ways to remove the most stubborn infections and restore your PC to proper operation.

An issue that causes the greatest fear in our clients is boot failures. They see the ominous message on the screen when they startup the computer and envision all of their data gone. Sometimes these messages do indicate a hardware failure, but many times it is an issue with faulty drivers, failed updates, or malware. Our technicians can diagnose the underlying cause of the boot failure and restore your data.

Our number two biggest complaints from teen users are game performance and internet speed. Slow game performance is usually caused by lack of memory and slow graphics cards. We can upgrade your computer economically to play games at a much higher speed. Adding memory and a high-speed graphics card can make an incredible difference.

Slow internet access may be the result of improperly configured wireless network gear, malware, or problem causing software. Geeks Mobile technicians can determine the problem and help you get the maximum speed out of your internet connection.

Geeks Mobile believes the real key to great service for our clients in Mississippi is very simple It is communication. Taking the time to understand your problems and desires is what sets our techs apart. They care about their clients and it shows. If you need fast computer service anywhere in the state give us a call. We are ready to help.

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