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Avoiding PC Mischief in Minnesota with the Help of Geeks Mobile

Are you experiencing annoying delays in your internet connection? Do you see a high number of pop-up advertisements on your computer? Has your PC started getting slower? All of these are potential signs of a malware, spyware, or virus problem on your computer. Geeks Mobile technicians are experts at helping Minnesota residents and businesses with their malware problems.

If you are already experiencing issues with your computer, you should call Geeks Mobile to schedule either onsite or remote service to diagnose your problem. Our technicians provide onsite service in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, Duluth, and Bloomington, along with service to small towns and communities around the state. If you are located anywhere within the state of Minnesota, we can help you.

The proper starting point to repairing a virus or malware issue is overlooked sometimes. The first question you need to ask is about your data security. Is your data protected? The second step is to diagnose your system and find out what type of infection you are battling. A Geeks Mobile technician uses the best detection programs available to scan your computer and determine the cause of your problems. With that information in hand, they can proceed to removing the infection and getting your PC back to running normally.

Many companies stop at this point. The Geeks Mobile tech is going to go a step further. He wants to make sure your PC has the proper protection. They take the time to discuss options for protecting your PC and insuring your computer is well protected from future infections. They check with you to see if any other devices or computers are infected. Some virus programs have the ability to jump to your flash drives, media players, and network storage. If these items are not considered, your computer can be infected again.

As you noticed above, data security is one of our biggest concerns. If you are not using a backup system, do not be surprised when our technician recommends setting up a backup routine for you. They know their clients who lose data are always the most distraught. Helping you reduce your chances of data loss is important.

Mobile Geeks provides complete computer and network support for small businesses and residents in Minnesota. A few of our other services include:

  • Setup of remote access
  • Wireless network installation and security
  • Hardware troubleshooting and repair
  • Application installation, updates, and troubleshooting
  • Data backup
  • Adding new computers to business and home networks
  • Server installation

This list just touches upon a few of our services. If you have any type of computer or network problems or needs at your home or office let us know. We can assist you any place in the state. We offer both onsite and remote service. Our remote service option provides you with almost instant service. Of course, our onsite service in almost as fast. We provide same day service as often as possible and the fastest responses in Minnesota.

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Computer viruses are an urban legend. - Peter Norton, 1988

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