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Moving Home and Office Computers in Michigan

How many computers do you have in your home or office in Michigan? When you are moving to a new home or office, you might be worried about getting all the pieces moved properly and setting up your network in the new location. Geeks Mobile professionals can help make your move smooth.

Geeks Mobile has a distinct advantage over other support companies in the state. We offer service to every community in the state and into all of the surrounding states. We provide service in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren, Sterling Heights, and Lansing. Our service extends to every community in the state and even out to farms and businesses outside of the metro areas.

Are you facing the task of consolidating offices, or expanding out to new branch offices? Geeks Mobile techs can deliver the computers, do the setup, and test all of the connections to make sure the systems are ready for use. We can even configure VPN connections, internet security, and both wired and wireless networks in your offices.

Home users facing a move can calls us to move their computers, setup their new internet connection, and test their security. You do not need to worry about taking apart your computers and getting them hooked up properly in your new location. We can handle it for you.

Moving computers is just one of the small things Geeks Mobile does for computer users in Michigan. We provide extensive services to both businesses and residents throughout the state. A few of our other services include:

  • Virus, spyware, and malware removal
  • Backup, restore, and recovery of data
  • Setup of shared devices on home and business networks including printers, scanners, and media sharing systems
  • Routine maintenance and cleaning of computers
  • Hardware diagnostics and repair
  • Software installation, configuration, and troubleshooting
  • Wireless network installation and security
  • PC optimization to regain lost speed
  • Hardware upgrades to enhance speed of your computer

As you can see from this partial list of our services, Geeks Mobile can take care of any of your computer needs and problems.

An item that is growing in popularity in Michigan is remote access. The ability to access your office computer from home or while on the road provides great productivity gains. Likewise, many people enjoy the option to access their home PC from remote locations so they can pay bills, work on homework, or do other tasks on lunch breaks, or while sitting in an airport. Geeks Mobile can help you select the right remote access software for your needs and configure it on your computers. Some systems even allow you to access your PC using your tablet PC.

What are your computer needs in Michigan? Geeks Mobile has the right professionals to help. Our complete coverage of the state makes us the ideal place to call. Our attention to detail and friendly technicians make the experience a real pleasure. If you need fast service, there is no one better to call. Geeks Mobile can have a technician at your location today.

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