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PC Service and Data Recovery in Louisiana

The most urgent and anxious calls received by Geeks Mobile in Louisiana are when someone loses their data. Discovering your treasured pictures, documents, and data are suddenly gone causes panic. Even users who have consistently backed up their data get this feeling of panic since they may have never needed to restore their data before.

We have two immediate pieces of advice.

  1. Avoid using the PC for the moment.
  2. Call Geeks Mobile to help your recover your data.

As any of our Geeks Mobile technicians will tell you, continuing to use your PC puts your data at higher risk. Your computer is constantly reusing areas where data was previously stored. Each time new data is written to your drive increases the risk your data cannot be recovered. Give us a call as soon as possible, so we can diagnose the reason your data is missing and try recovery procedures.

Even if you have a recent backup, you may want us to try to do a data recovery instead of a restore. Many home users, and some small businesses, only backup their data on irregular schedules. If you have been updating data daily, restoring a week old backup leaves you with a massive amount of work. Recovering the data can help eliminate the need for the extra work.

We understand getting your data back is urgent. Our technicians are on the road in locations like New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Metairie, and Lafayette. Additionally, you will find them in small towns and communities throughout Louisiana. We can respond a technician to your locations rapidly, usually the same day you call us.

If you just need help running the restore process of your backup program, we can help with that, too. Our remote service option is an excellent option for getting fast service. Our technicians can connect to your PC or server and setup the restore process and monitor the computer while the restore is processing.

Our technicians are ready for almost any type of data loss situation. They carry a variety of software tools to help them recover data and restore data from your backups. Many of our technicians bring a new hard drive with them in case you have a hardware failure. They can install the new hard drive and restore your system from backup on the same trip.

Geeks Mobile technician can deal with any kind of PC service, installation, and maintenance you need. We offer a variety of services for small businesses and home users in Louisiana including:

  • Server setup and configuration
  • New computer setup
  • Installing wireless networks
  • Malware and virus removal
  • Data backup, restore, and recovery
  • Consulting services

Do not forget, if you have any type of data loss situation give us a call fast. We can assist you in recovering the data and getting back to work fast. Our technicians respond the same day to most calls. We understand concern and are ready to help. You can relax knowing our qualified technicians are on their way to your Louisiana location.

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