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Improving PC Performance in Kentucky with Geeks Mobile

Does your PC run as fast as a Kentucky racehorse or crawl along like a snail? Even new computers can become sluggish if they become overloaded with malware, a virus, or unneeded programs. Geeks Mobile can help you determine the cause of your slow computer processing and optimize your PC to run at maximum speed.

Geeks Mobile offers a combination of onsite and remote service that allows us to help computer users in all areas of Kentucky. You will find our technicians busy in Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, and Frankfort. It is just as common to find them driving Owensboro, Covington, and many small cities scattered around the state. If you need service anywhere in the state, just give us a call and see how fast we respond.

Did you computer suddenly decrease in speed and now is nearly unusable? Was your computer fast when you first bought it, but over time it became slower and is now frustrating? Both of these situations are very common. You can usually track a sudden decrease in speed to a new program you intentionally installed or some form of malware. The technicians from Geeks Mobile will determine what programs or malware causing your sudden decrease in speed and fix the problem.

Gradual decreases in speed usually result due to multiple things changing on your PC. These include items like:

  • Data fragmentation on your hard drive
  • More programs running on startup of your computer
  • New programs that require additional memory
  • Adding new hardware with inefficient drivers
  • Games and graphics programs that need video acceleration
  • Toolbars, malware, and spyware programs utilizing resources

These are just a few of the items that may be causing your PC to seem sluggish. Your Geeks Mobile technician will take time to learn how you use your computer and determine the real cause of the slow response. They can then recommend hardware upgrades that can improve your performance. Many times speeding up your PC just requires the technician to optimize your applications, remove excess programs from startup, and defragment the hard drive. If they detect malware, the technician will clean the PC of all malware, spyware, and unintended programs to restore your PC speed.

Sometimes the decrease in speed is an illusion. The real difference is your expectations. You are doing more with your PC and it feels slower for that reason. The technician can explain the best ways to increase your PC performance. Three hardware items can major improvements in PC performance and are cost effective. They include:

  • Additional memory
  • Faster hard drive
  • High performance graphic accelerator (This is crucial for game players)

The techs from Geeks Mobile can deal with any type of computer issues for small businesses and residential users in Kentucky. A few of the additional services offered include:

  • Wireless network installation and configuration
  • PC hardware repair
  • Business network setup and maintenance
  • Data transfers, backup, restore, and recovery

Give us a call for any of your computer needs and experience the Geeks Mobile difference.

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