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High Quality Computer Service in Iowa

Iowa offers a major challenge to many computer support companies. They may be able to handle the metro areas like Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and Davenport. They might even have offices over in Sioux City and Iowa City. Who takes care of the smaller communities and businesses scattered around Iowa? Geeks Mobile offers border-to-border service in Iowa that covers all of the major cities, smaller towns, and even businesses with offices in a cornfield.

You might expect this means our serviced is slower since we cover such a wide area. The opposite is true. We provide the fastest service in the state. It is common for our technicians to arrive at your location the same day you call. Our onsite technicians are in the field on the move around Iowa all day long. When you call in our dispatch team quickly contacts a qualified technician working in your area and schedules them for your job.

The Geeks Mobile techs are highly qualified to deal with any issues you might face. A few of our specialties for small businesses and individuals include:

  • Computer Consulting
  • Proactive Computer Maintenance
  • Computer Networking
  • Desktop Support of Business Computers
  • Malware and Virus Removal
  • Wireless Network Installation in Homes and Offices
  • Computer Hardware Repair
  • Server Setup, Configuration, and Installation
  • Computer Upgrades
  • Data Backup, Recovery, and Restore

This is just a short sample of all the services offered by Geeks Mobile. Top vendors like Microsoft and Cisco certify our technicians.

When you call Geeks Mobile the dispatcher listens to your issue and may provide you with two options for fast service. Our fastest option is remote service. This option is offered to clients that need an application installed, software problems diagnosed, or updates applied. There are many other instances where remote service is a good option, also. The technician assigned to work on your issue remote connects to your computer to troubleshoot your problems and make repairs. If they discover the issue requires an onsite call they quickly transfer your service order back to dispatch to get a technician on the way.

Something you will appreciate about Geeks Mobile technicians is their level or preparedness. They arrive on site with an understanding of your issue. They bring spare parts, tools, and diagnostic software that may be needed to finish your repair. They take a few minutes to discuss your problems to make sure they have a clear understanding and then they get busy.

You will notice two things when talking to the Geeks Mobile support tech. They take the time to communicate clearly in simple English instead of leaving you confused with “tech talk”. They are highly focused on preserving your data. They never lose sight of the fact your most important asset is the files stored on your computer.

Where is your business located in Iowa? Go ahead and give us a call. Our technicians are ready to work on your computer whether it is in downtown Ames or on the edge of a cornfield.

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If you don’t handle [exceptions], we shut your application down. That dramatically increases the reliability of the system. - Anders Hejlsberg

Companies spend millions of dollars on firewalls, encryption and secure access devices, and it’s money wasted, because none of these measures address the weakest link in the security chain. - Kevin Mitnick

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