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Improving PC Performance in Connecticut

Does your PC seem slower? Your computer can start feeling sluggish and slow for a wide variety of reasons. A Geeks Mobile technician can come to your home, or office, in any location in Connecticut and determine the reason your PC is slow. You can spot Geeks Mobile technicians in offices and homes in communities in Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford, Stamford, Waterbury, and small towns throughout the state. Our teams move around the state at a rapid pace. They are almost as quick as the Uconn Huskies on the basketball court.

Some of the reasons your PC may be starting go get slower include:

  • Fragmented data on your hard drive
  • Lack of physical memory
  • Malware, Spyware, and Virus Infections
  • Hard drives that are beginning to fail
  • Misbehaving programs
  • Unknown programs loading invisibly on startup
  • New software with higher hardware requirements

Geeks Mobile technicians can quickly review you computer and determine the reason it has become slow. At that time, they can provide you with suggestions to improve your computer performance. Let us take a little closer look at a few of these items that cause problems for Connecticut PC users.

A leading cause of PC slowness is lack of physical memory. Applications you add to your computer today require more resources than programs you used previously. This can include programs you have been using every day. Updates to applications can cause a program that was working smoothly before to suddenly require more resources and become sluggish. Memory upgrades are inexpensive.

Users who play games or use sophisticated graphics and CAD programs could be running into a different issue. Slow graphics cards require more CPU utilization and drain computer resources. Upgrading to a new graphics card will make your games run faster and offload processing to speed up overall computer performance.

The most common cause we discover for computers suddenly becoming slower is malware and spyware applications. These applications startup every time you turn on your PC. They use memory and CPU resources causing your PC to slow to a crawl. Geeks Mobile technicians have vast experience in removing malware, spyware, and virus infections from computers. They do not forget to ask you about removable media like flash drives, external hard drives, and portable media devices that may hold the malware or virus, too.

You will appreciate the first step a Geeks Mobile technician takes to determine the problem with your PC. They talk to you in simple terms to get a complete understanding of your problem. They make sure they understand what applications feel slow to you. They might even ask you to startup the PC and open applications you normally run so they understand your real PC usage. Taking time to communicate is one of the trademarks of a Geeks Mobile technician. They understand you know more about your experience than anyone does.

If you have any kind of PC problem give Geeks Mobile a call. They are ready to respond to your call in any part of Connecticut immediately.

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