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California Residents Call Geeks Mobile for Their Biggest PC Security Concerns

Are you worried about someone stealing your identity, passwords, credit card numbers, or other personal information? This is a legitimate worry. Computer security and privacy are a growing concern to residents in California and around the world. Geeks Mobile technicians are trained to assist home computer users and businesses in securing their computers and removing existing threats.

The most common threat to your data security is malware and other seemingly innocent programs. This includes spyware, virus programs, worms, and a few other unexpected security risks. Simple extensions, toolbars, and add-ins to your web browsers can increase your risk substantially. Our technicians can review your computers security and make sure you data is secure.

The start point to any evaluation is determining If your existing security software provides adequate protection. If we discover your existing protection has been compromised, or provides inadequate protection, we can help you acquire the proper programs, install them, and configure them for the highest security possible. These services are available into areas of California. The Geeks Mobile team offer security reviews onsite and using remote service options. Service is offered in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, and every other city you can name in California.

Security extends beyond your individual computers. You need to make sure your wireless network provides proper security, also. At a minimum you wireless network must provide data encryption and password protection. Without these features, your wireless network can be borrowed by nearby laptops and other wireless devices. This allows hackers to snoop your wireless communications and potentially steal your data.

Laptop, netbook, tablet, and other mobile device security is a major issue. Do you carry critical data on the devices that could place you at risk if the device was stolen or lost? Geeks Mobile security advisors can review your current security on these devices and help you select the best options. For small businesses and homeowners with highly confidential information, this can include data encryption, added password protection, and other security measures.

A security item that many computer users overlook is updates. Our team checks your PC to make sure all windows updates and other critical application updates are installed. This simple step helps to close security holes and risks that you are not aware place your data at risk.

Security is just one small part of the computer services offered by Geeks Mobile. We provide all of the following services:

  • Hardware Repair
  • Computer Hardware Upgrades (Including upgrading memory, hard drives, and video cards.)
  • Malware, Virus, and Spyware Removal
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Transfer (We can transfer all of your data to your new computer for you.)
  • Backup and Restore (If you do not have a backup system, we can install and configure it for you.)
  • Optimization to Restore Speed to Sluggish Computers

This is a very short list of our services. If you have additional needs just give us a call. Our certified technicians are trained to deal with any of your computer needs.

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